Agents of Neferata

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Agents of Neferata, Queen of Mysteries and Mortarch of Blood can be found throughout the Mortal Realms.[1]

In the World-that-Was, Neferta was always renowned for her intelligence network that wove a web across the continents - now in the Mortal Realms she has continued to recruit many and varied individuals that can serve her needs for information, indirect and direct action. Some serve her from fear, others in the hope of rewards - temporary or otherwise or perhaps the possibility of joining the ranks of the immortals as a Soulblight vampire.[1]

Agents and their contacts are able to recognise each other by specific code words and phrases, for example:[1]

  • Between Agents:
    • But you have red hands, brother, and they have performed black deeds. Respond with: The valley low, and the shadows long.[1]
  • Between Contacts:
    • Shadows and dust. Respond with: Just and unjust alike.[1]

The agents of the Queen of Mysteries also practised their skills upon each other, usually in an attempt to rise in their mistress’ esteem or eliminate rivals. Silent, swift wars occasionally broke out between rival agents and their followers. For her part, Neferata usually remained aloof and unconcerned, even amused, by such internecine conflicts.[1]

Notable Agents


She had many pawns, some human, some not. Ageless and deathless, Neferata regarded the mortal realms as a game board – and men like Bok were her pawns.

~ musings of Pallen Bok.[1]