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An Akhelian King leading a phalanx to war.

Akhelian are a caste of Idoneth Deepkin.[1]



A Leviadon tamed and crewed by Akhelians.

Leviadons are hulking sea monsters, covered in tough scales with a nigh impenetrable shell. The Akhelian affix massive howdahs upon these shells and then crew with members of their caste capable of firing off missile weapons. The Ma'harr, the reinsmaster and high-ranking Akhelian, hits off with his twin-pronged spear.[1]


A Allopex tamed and ridden by Akhelians.

Allopexes are legendary predator of the sea, attracted by the presence of blood where it will viciously tear apart whatever was bleeding with its many razor-sharp serrated teeth. It was so brutal that even the Idoneth Deepkin had trouble binding these beasts to their will. Even then, only skilled Akhelians are able to ride these beasts to war, where they carve a bloody swathe through the startled foe. [1]


Akhelian Guard are brave Akhelian Warriors riding the vicious Fangmora Eels. They are the warrior elite of the enclaves, riding the eels like the ancient Aelven warriors from Teclis' tales would their noble steeds. None among the Idoneth can match them in sheer discipline, strength, nor martial prowess.[1]

They come in two varieties; the Ishlaen, wielding a Helsabre and Galv-Shields, and the Morsarr, with Voltspears and Galv-Shields.[1]