Alaric the Mad

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Alaric the Mad was an ancient Dwarf Runesmith. [2b]

He is famous for his many creations, and most of them are indeed among the most powerful artifacts in the world. He was known as "The Mad" by his fellow Dwarfs because he chose to remain with the Human tribes in order to teach them crafts such as blacksmithing, rather than return to the mountain holds. [1a] [1b] Alaric believed that humanity would become vital allies in the fight against Chaos and the Greenskins, so taught them vital skills to aid them in battle.[1b]



He arrived in Reikdorf with the Dwarf King, Kurgan Ironbeard to help construct a stone longhouse but remained to teach the smiths of the Unberogen. [1a] Alaric found an avid student in Pendrag, Sigmar's banner bearer who he taught to make iron swords with a superior edge by blending metals. He welcomed the now regular Dwarf caravans that travelled to Reikdorf throughout the year and soon all the Unberogen warriors had iron swords. [1b]

He made a silver guantlet with working fingers for Pendrag to replace those he had lost in a battle. [1c]

When refugees from the lands of the Ostagoths arrived and pledged their kings sword-oath in exchange for the aid of the Unberogens against greenskin invaders, Alaric told them that the throngs of Karak Kadrin and Zhufbar were already marching to counter them. However, he also warned the humans that a much greater horde was coming. [1c]

He fought alongside his king at the Battle of Black Fire Pass and after their victory, Kurgan asked him to make the finest blades forged by dwarf craft for the allied kings. [1d]

When Middenheim was beseiged by Cormac Bloodaxe, he travelled to its aid, arriving in time to save Wolfgart from Skaven in the tunnels beneath the city. [2a] Five hundred dwarf warriors accompanied him, including a hundred Ironbreakers and Hammerers from King Kurgans' own guard but he also brought the first Runefang which Sigmar gifted to Pendrag. [2b]


This is a grim world, lad - orcs, beasts and things best not spoken of seek to drown us all in blood. The elves have run scared to their island, and it's only the likes of men and dwarfs that are left to stop these creatures of evil. Some of my kin think we should just seal up the gates to our holds and let you and the orcs fight amongst yourselves, but the way I see it, if we don't help you with better weapons and armour, and teach you a thing or two about making them, then your race will die and we'll be next.

~ Alaric to Pendrag. [1b]


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