Albain Lorcus

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Captain-General Albain Lorcus was the commander of the Gallowsmen during the reclaimation of Caddow [1]


The second son of Duke Lorcus of Nordrath, he was the first scion of that family to serve with a regiment at war, seeing service with several different Freeguild units and action in three of the Mortal realms [1a]

Fighting in the Realm of Ghyran he encountered his first deadwalker, very different to the legends his father had told him of the undead nobility that used to visit Nordrath from her sister city of Caddow in the Age of Myth.[1b]


I am the first Lorcus in three generations to take the field and share the hardships of the regiment. I learned the red trade with other regiments, and have dug latrines and set stakes in three realms. I have seen what awaits us, on the other side of the Corvine Gate, and I am not blind to the hardships ahead.

~Albain to Gardus Steel Soul.[1a]