Alexandra Giliani

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Alexandra Giliani

Doktor Alexandra Giliani is a Tilean medical prodigy, and considered by some to be Shallya reborn. [1a]


Alexandra is young woman with olive skin who stands 5’8” tall with dark-brown, curly hair. She favours simple but fashionable clothing, suited to her profession and modest wealth and always carries her bag of medical supplies. [1a]


She was born and raised in Verezzo, Tilea, the daughter of a affluent merchant family and like her eight siblings, she attended university at a young age. Alexandra became fascinated by medicine, and by the tender age of 16 had already attained the finest medical education Tilea could offer. She then decided to travel abroad and learn the medical practices of other nations of the Old World. [1a]

Her journey began with the other Tilean city states, she then moved through Estalia into Bretonnia via the port of L'Anguille before arriving in Marienburg and finally down the Reik into the Empire by age of 19.[1a]