All Tunnels Lead to Skavenblight (Short Story)

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All Tunnels Lead to Skavenblight
All Tunnels lead to Skavenblight cover.png
Author(s) Andy Hall & Chris Gambold

All Tunnels Lead to Skavenblight is a Total War Fiction short story by Andy Hall & Chris Gambold released as part of the marketing for Total War Warhammer II.


A thousand Clanrats and crew-rats under the command of Fleetmaster Vrisk await visitation from a herald of the Council of Thirteen, who has come to deliver portentous and disturbing news from the depths of Skavenblight.[1]


It describes a meeting between Fleetmaster Viskit Ironscratch of Clan Skurvy and the Grey Seer Vulscreek at Spineport.

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