Altar of the Crimson Harvest

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The Altar of the Crimson Harvest is a fortress-port in Troll Country.[1a]

It is shared between the Norscan Sarl and Skaeling providing a trading port where captives of many nations and species are brought from successful raids to be sold. Caravans move inland taking thralls to their new life. [1a]


Many thralls administer the towns business on behalf of the ruler. [1a]


A sacrificial altar to Khorne overlooks the docks - on the winter solstice a sacrifical victim is held onto the granite and water thrown over them until the water freezes. They are then left overnight - if they can tear themselves free, they are deemed blessed by the Blood God. [1a]


The Kings of the Altar must hold their position with force - in the early 2500s, the ruler was Runa Hrossháfurm, noted for the horse's hoof she has for a right hand - a gift from Khorne. [1a]