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King Amenemhetum was once a Tomb King, part of the armies of the Tomb Kings of Khemri. He ruled Zandri, in Nehekhara, and was responsible for the creation of a great fleet of ships.

He sailed the oceans and conquered distant lands in the name of the vulture god Ualatp His conquests stretched far to the north (including much of Tilea and parts of the lands of the Border Princes[1b]), inaccessible to ground troops due to large mountainous regions, but easily accessible to a seaborne force. He made Zandri very wealthy in his time.[1a]

It is said that he still roams the seas with his fleet, content to fight pirates who attempt to raid his homeland. That is, since the evil machinations of Nagash.[1a]

The tomb of Amenemhetum is located far up the coast from Zandri, outside of the current borders of Nehekhara, although it is no longer occupied. It is on the very edge of the the land, closest to the place he loved so much.[1b]

For him, the Standard of the Sands was created. This gave him an advantage over his enemies, disorienting them and allowing Amenemhetum's troops to advance quickly.[1c]

This is reinforced by a translation of an inscription in his tomb: "And he did smite and destroy his enemies with great vengeance and furious anger..."[1d]

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