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The Lore of Death is Magic derived from Shyish, the purple wind of magic. [1a][8a]

It is sometimes called the Spirit Lore or incorrectly Necromancy. [1a]

Shyish is the most difficult Wind of Magic to see as its blows through past, present, and future, weaving through the time stream, following the undetectable tides of fate. It is said that Shyish blows most strongly where death lies most heavily, being drawn to death and that doom follows in its wake. It blows over and clings to battlefields, graveyards and mortuaries. [1a]

Amethyst Magisters see Shyish not as a blowing wind of colour, but rather purple fragments of corpseshrouds drifting on a slow-moving breeze in a desultory, melancholy manner. These patches brush up against a person or a building and as the wizard watches, they glimpse the ageing and decay of the subject. [1a]



The bones of sentient creatures can be used to aid the casting of Amethyst magic, as can be the trappings of death, including wood or nails from coffins, embalming fluids, hourglasses, silver coins, and grave dirt. Purple gemstones, materials, and flowers (particularly roses) are also commonly used. [1b]


  • Acceptance of Fate: Allies are embolded by the words of the Caster or make enmies heedless of danger. [1b][8a]
  • Amaranth: The caster becomes resistant to corruption and death itself as their skin takes on a purple hue. [1b][10a]
  • Animus Imprisoned: A soul is captured in a bottle, vial, or pouch, their body sent into a coma. [1b]
  • Ashes and Dust: A swirling cloud of choking dust is summoned. [1b]
  • Caress of Laniph: The casters hand appears to wither as it draws Shyish from an enemy. [1b][10a]
  • Choking Foe: A purple mist spills out from the nose, ears, mouth and eyes and suffocates an enemy. [10a]
  • Compel Spirits: The Caster can control ghosts or other ethereal undead. [1b]
  • Crystal Maze: Enemies are trapped within a crystal labyrinth. [1b]
  • Death's Door: The caster and allies can not die immediately but can very briefly delay their passing. [8a]
  • Deathsight: For a time the caster can see souls and spirits and when they leave the body. [8a]
  • Death’s Release: A spirit is unbound it from the world. [1b]
  • Dying Words: A recently departed soul is called back to communicate with the caster. [1b]
  • Fate of Bjuna: Enemies succumb to hysterical laughter and may even choke to death. [1b][10a]
  • Final Words: A recently slain soul can be asked a single question. [8a]
  • Iyrtu’s Embrace: The casters armes are sheathed in Shyish, bestowing great strength. [1b][10a]
  • Lesser Caress of Laniph: The caster grasps the heart of the enemy - this spell is strictly monitored by the senior members of the Amethyst Order. [10a]
  • Limbwither: An enemy's limb becomes useless. [1b]
  • Manacle of Caloe: A heavy energy manacle forms around the waist of an enemy or enemies, restricting their movement. [10a]
  • Reaping Scythe: A scythe composed of amethyst magic is manifested. [8a]
  • Purple Pall of Shyish: Armour created from pure Shyish. [1b]
  • Purple Sun of Xereus: A orb or pure edged darkness is unleashed on the enemies of the caster. [10a]
  • Sanctify: A magical circle is created forming an impenetrable barrier to the Undead. [1b]
  • Scythe of Shyish/Purple Scythe: A magical scythe is created. [1b][10a]
  • Shyish Uncovered: The caster becomes aware of all deaths that occurred in the area within the past month. [1b]
  • Soul Vortex:A shimmering ball of Shyish is thrown by the caster which erupts into purple flames, swirling with ghostly screaming faces. It is especially deadly to the Undead. [1b]
  • Speed of Lykos: The caster or another target is imbued with supernatural speed. [1b][10a]
  • Steal Life: Thin strands of purple mist drain life energy from an enemy. [1b][8a]
  • Swift Passing: The release of a swfit death is granted to a single mortally wounded. [1b][8a]
  • Taste of Death: Lliving enemies become acutely aware of their own mortality. [1b]
  • Telepathy: A telepathic message is sent to another Amethyst wizard. [1b][10a]
  • Tide of Years: A non-magical object ages and crumbles to dust. [1b][8a]
  • Wild Kin of Zandox: A pair of guardian hounds made of purple shadow are summoned. [1b][10a]
  • Wind of Death: A lethal wind composed of Shyish is called down by the caster. [8a]
  • Youth's Bane: A single person can be aged. [8a]



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