Amon 'Chakai

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Amon 'Chakai

Amon 'Chakai is the oldest and wisest of the Lords of Change, Greater Daemons of Tzeentch. [1a]

He holds ultimate knowledge over destiny and fate but also despises order and civilisation, always seeking to bring the world into chaos. Amon 'Chakai is able to see the threads of destiny, destroying or elevating enemies or followers according to his own plans. [1a]

He sat unmoving for a milennia on his throne in the Impossible Fortress watching the mortals but was then roused by his own or perhaps his masters design summoning a vast army of Daemons. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 5th Edition: All Seeing Eye, Hand of Destiny, Master of Sorcery. [1a]
  • All Seeing Eye: His gaze reveals the fears and hopes of all who it falls upon. [1a]
  • Hand of Destiny: Amon 'Chakai is able to use his power to doom any mortal to die in combat. [1a]
  • Master of Sorcery: He is a vastly potent wizard, filled with arcane knowledge. [1a]


I have watched you since birth, Gunter Munz and I have watched the birth of your father, his father, and all your ancestors from the time when they still roamed the Plains of the Sun in the Southlands. I have watched you grow and I have watched your studies. I saw how your plants to destroy me came to fruition. I have seen every footstep you have taken to come bafore me. There is nothing I do not know. You are here because I wished it. Did you not know that!

~ Amon 'Chakai.[1a]


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