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Amsaralka is a Fyreslayer and Matron of the Ulgaen Mining Fellowship of the Ulgaen lodge.

Having survived the destruction of the original lodge in Hornteeth mountains she accompanied her later husband, Runefather Ulgathern-Grimnar to their new home of Steelpike, helping him reclaim the mountain with her miners.


Amsaralka has massive shoulders and large powerful arms, her hair is thick and golden surrounding a wide square face, her full lips and brick like white teeth complete the picture of classic duardin beauty.[1]


Silence! Shivering with fright will do us no good! I suggest you, Grokkenkir, get half your vulkite berzerkers down the end of the hall to stop the enemy coming in, and the other half by the gate to stop whatever may be on the other side killing us if it turns out not to be friendly. And stop glancing back through the door at the others. I know you'd rather be in the fight with your lord, but this is honourable duty, protecting the young and maidens and those others that don't fight. What? I am going to be a queen. Don't see why I should sit at the back being quiet

~Amsaralka at the Gaenagrik Realmgate.[1]


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