Anakonda's Amazons

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Anakonda's Amazons.

Anakonda's Amazons are a famous band of Dogs of War mercenaries that hail from the deep, lust rainforest of Lustria. [1a]


Anakonda and her Amazons are warrior women of the savage, yet noble Amazon Sisterhood. The origins of the warband and how many of these warriors exist is unknown for they have remained hidden for many years in Lustria's jungles. [1a]

Like all Amazon's they had a tense alliance with the Lizardmen, although like that of the Wood Elves and Bretonnians they often came to blows.

What is known from the collected journals and rambling testimonies of various explorers lucky enough to have survived prolonged contact with them, is scant. It is believed they take their names from the jungle beasts with which they share their lands. These names are tied into strict ritual and one scholar has theorised that totemic identities are granted after a physical trial akin to a rite of passage. [1a]

Tales of Anakonda first reached Old Worlders on Lustria when a band of Tilean explorers became lost in the depths of the jungle and were set upon by Skinks. Deadly poison darts spat out of the trees, taking a heavy toll upon the hapless men, but when death seemed assured, the Skinks scattered. Out of the darkness the Amazons emerged. [1a]

As a charged calm descended, it wasn't clear whether the Tileans had been saved or were destined for a much worse fate. The quick-witted leader of the band, Enrico Baggio, recognised the delicacy of their predicament and persuaded the Amazons to help them out of the jungle with the promise of gold and some cheap beads! It cost Enrico and his band their entire haul of loot for their safe passage but they reached their boats and Enrico vowed never to return. [1b]

Recently, the Tilean captain El Baddo claimed to have procured the services of Anakonda and her Amazons to ambush a band of Dwarf adventurers. The unscrupulous Tilean wanted to prevent the Dwarfs reaching the lost temple of Toca before he did. This required much gold, and was a mere taster of the true cost. For after the Dwarfs were betrayed and ambushed, the Amazons treacherously attacked El Baddo. [1b]

Although he miraculously survived, the price of Amazonian help was dear in both coin and blood. It seems that the Amazons have not quite grasped the idea of being mercenaries. They fight for themselves and care little for anyone else. If anyone pays them in gold to fight, it just shows the Amazons how weak they are! So be warned, if the Amazons accept your gold, it doesn't mean that they won't come back and sacrifice you later. [1b]


Anakonda, their leader, is known as such after she wrestled a huge snake, slew it and flayed its skin to wear as a trophy and record of her deed. Other warriors in her warband have performed similar feats and have been named accordingly.[1a]

Humming Bird has the honour of bearing the standard of the Amazons, an unusual banner adorned with plucked feathers. These decorations are taken from exotic birds held sacred by the Lizardmen. While no single deed distinguishes Humming Bird, her general prowess is second only to Anakonda herself and the special banner she carries is a proclamation of this.[1a]

Pirrana, another of Anakonda's closest sword-sisters, was so named after she was captured by a band of Skinks. The diminutive Lizardmen planned to sacrifice the brave Amazonian in a pond in which a giant piranha fish dwelled. A furious battle ensued In which the water in the pond ran red with the giant fish's blood. Like her leader, Pirrana took the skin of the dead fish as a trophy and now wears it like armour. She also gutted the beast as a warning to the other denizens of the jungle. In so doing she found a large conch shell in its stomach. This giant conch shell now acts as Anakonda's Amazons' war horn, which Pirrana, as the band's musician, blows in battle to warn her sisters of the approach of enemies. [1a]

Items & Abilities

Anakonda's Amazons are fierce fighters. Clothed in the flayed hides of Skinks, many bearing animal-headed masks, they are a fearsome sight. Some dye their hair in myriad colours reminiscent of the exotic birds of the jungle, and raise it with resin and sap to mimic a Skink's crest. [1b]

The Amazons' skin is tanned from the tropical sun, and they wear animal tails and the long feathers of tropical birds from waist belts. Awarded for feats of valour in battle, the more magnificent the tail, the higher the status of the warrior. Amazons are adorned with all manner of gold, bangles, anklets, rings and other trinkets that they have claimed from their enemies as battle trophies. Understandably, most of these are Lizardman in origin.[1b]

  • 6th Edition: Anakonda, Humming Bird (Standard Bearer), Pirrana (Musician), All are armed with Blades of the Ancients and Skink Hide (Light Armour). [1b]
  • "Blades of the Ancients": The Amazons carry a special kind of weapon of unknown origin, which they call the Blades of the Ancients. These weapons are rumoured to be rare and much sought-after High Age artefacts. Despite their vast age they are still powerful, the gems set within them said to blaze with the captured fires of a falling star. Deadly in close combat they can also unleash accurate bolts of energy at foes from a distance. [1b]



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