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Ancestor Runes are ancient and powerful Dwarf runes. [1a]

Forged thousands of years ago, the Ancestor Runes are extremely rare with only the richest Dwarf Holds having more than a tiny number. They mostly remain inert, needing a rise in the Winds of Magic to bring them to life. [1a]

During these times, for instance during a Storm of Magic, they draw the raw magic from their surroundings and over a period of weeks charge up. A Runesmith can aid this process by placing the rune atop a Arcane Fulcrum. [1a]

The appearance of the Runes does differ from Hold to Hold with those of Barak Varr being inset with silver sea beasts and those of Karaz-a-Karak dragons. [1a]

In Battle

A Runesmith with a powered Ancestor Rune can use directly or to dispel the magic of an enemy - neither effect can be resisted by the enemy. [1a]


  • Ancestor Rune of Grimnir: Smites the foe with molten rock as the Ancestor seeks vengeance upon them. [1a]
  • Ancestor Rune of Grungni: Greatly inspires allies nearby to smite their foes. [1a]
  • Ancestor Rune of Valaya: Heals nearby Dwarfs and fills them with new determination. [1a]


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