Anetta van Klausner

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Anetta van Klausner

Anetta van Klausner is a rich woman of Marienburg and cultist of Slaanesh. [1a]

She is the leader of the The Aesthetes, a cult of Slaanesh in the great city. [1a]


She appears to be a voluptuous and strikingly beautiful woman in her thirties in a tight fitting velvet robe. Her true form is terrifying. She has undergone countless surgeries to change her appearance and sculpt her using a combination of new organs, skin, and arcane ceremonies and rites.[1a]


Anetta has existed for for nearly one hundred years, using countless abducted souls to keep her looking striking with her devoted cultists grabbing people and then clawing their skin and removing their organs from their still-living bodies. [1a]

She is highly sort after as a lover and as a patron of the arts, having helped many students through the cults school which teaches acting, creative writing, dance and poetry to all. [1a]


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