Angharad Brightshield

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Angharad miniature.

Angharad Brightshield is a Liberatess of the Steelheart's Champions stuck in the Mirrored City. While she was once a smith, renowned for her master-crafted blades, now she uses her hammer to purge heathens and savages with joy.[1]


I claim this shard in the name of the God-King. Flee, while you still have the use of your limbs.

~ Angharad Brightshield.[2a]

Is that the best you've got? Try harder.

~ Angharad Brightshield.[2b]

The loud one, with the fancy blade. He dies first.

~ Angharad Brightshield.[2c]

I'll hold this spot or I'll die trying, sir.

~ Angharad Brightshield.[2d]

Three against one? That's very nearly a fair fight.

~ Angharad Brightshield.[2e]

You can count on me. They're not getting past.

~ Angharad Brightshield.[2f]