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Antonia Marsillach is a Tilean dancer and actress. [1]


She is a lovely woman with red-gold hair [1a] and shapely long legs, with a dancer's muscles. [1b]


She fell foul of the ban on meldoramas in the city of Miragliano having performed (briefly) as a chorus girl and early victim in such plays as Seduced by Slaanesh by Bruno Malvosin and The Treachery of Oswald by Detlef Sierck. Despite her lack of great talent, she had other skills and always found a comfortable life with a suitable man. [1c]

She became mistress to the Water Merchant Ysidro d'Amato, who she refered to as the Water Wizard. [1b]

Travelling with Ysidro she encountered Aleksandr Kloszowski disguised as a priest of Morr during a storm after their carriage overturned. they all made for the shelter of a huge mansion nearby, apparently owned by the Udolpho family. [1a]

During the first night in the strange house, she took Kloszowski as a lover. [1d]

Before they became completely entranced by the strange enchantments of the house of Udolpho, they were dragged from the building by the vampire Genevieve Dieudonne who had recovered her senses after drinking blood. [1e]


I'm a dancer sometimes. Not a very good one. I used to be an actress too. Murdered by the end of Act One....

~ Antonia Marsillach. [1b]


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