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Anvilgard is a heavily fortified port city that borders the sweltering jungle of the Charrwind Coast in the Realm of Aqshy also known as the Crucible of Life. The city is located in a strategic location which watch over both the Golvarian Passage and a highly contested and valuable stretch of ocean filled with precious resources and long-lost treasures.[2][3a]

The nearby volcanoes are constantly erupting and drowning areas of the jungle in molten lava, which infuses the flora with Aqshyian magic causing the flora to grow back with unnatural aggressiveness. In order to stop the growth from overrunning the city noxious defoliants, developed by Ironweld alchemists, are released into the air by great dragonheaded guard towers causing plant life to wither and die. Although harmless to the city's inhabitants, it shrouds the streets in a semi-permanent grey murk.[6b]


A city first founded under the direction of the Anvils of the Heldenhammer, growing from the fortified towns that were built after the Realmgate Wars. Surrounding Anvilgard on all sides is a dense, sprawling jungle which is further encircled by a series of active volcanoes. Into this wilderness the Order Draconis ride out to test themselves against the ferocious monsters that populate the area.[1][5b]

At the beginning of the Time of Tribulations, Anvilgard's Swifthawk Agents are tasked with locating Lord-Ordinator Varangenesis, the scouts are led by Gossamon of the Winged Helm who dies from poisoned wounds after a successful engagement with a much larger force of Slanneshi cavalry.[4]

The sea-lanes of Anvilgard were plagued by orruk pirates from a floating shanty-port known as the Blista Bakk and the shadowy cabal of criminals known as the Blackscale Coil pressures Anvilgard's Grand Conclave into launching a naval invasion. Scourge wolfships surround Blista Bakk and rain fiery missiles on its rusty ramparts while Freeguild marines are unloaded from steam-galleons with reinforced prow-rams that smashed their way into its harbour. After the docks are cleared the Scourge Privateers unleash several Kharibdysses driven to a mindless rage and soon the Blista Bakk sinks into the Searing Sea.[6a]


The morose traditionalism of the Anvils of the Heldenhammer has been sown deep into the soul of the city. Anvilgardians are dour and hardy frontier folk, distrusting of others and beholden to superstition and ancient folklore. Despite the intractability of its populace, Anvilgard draws many visitors from faraway lands. However behind the noble exterior the city is rife with illicit trade and criminality.[3a][6b]


The city is ruled by the Grand Conclave of Anvilgard. However a cabal of outcasts known as the Blackscale Coil manipulates the conclave using a combination of blackmail, threats and murder. This organisation is ruled by a shadow council of aelves, including Fleetmasters of the Scourge Privateers, Sorceresses of the Darkling Covens and Beastmasters of the Order Serpentis and has agents of all races in every military and social stratum of the city.[6b]


The city's shipyards bustle with activity, with merchant fleets, nomadic tribesmen and foreign traders all flocking to the markets to sell produce and trinkets looted from the scattered ruins of the Searing Sea. Aelven corsairs regulate this busy trade, maintaining order with merciless efficiency.[3a]


Anvilgard has a powerful navy with steam-galleons and wolfships of the Scourge Privateers. It has numerous Freeguild marine regiments such as the Rumrunners. [6b]

They also employ members from the following armies Stormcast Eternals, Dispossessed, Devoted of Sigmar, Darkling Covens and Order Serpentis.[3]

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