Aqua Ghyranis

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Aqua Ghyranis is the water from the Realm of Ghyran, known for its life-giving and super-nourishing properties. A single phial of it can cure common cold and a greensteel vat can turn the fortune of a farm around in a single season even in the most arid regions.

During the Age of Myth water in the Great Parch was sometimes more precious than gold, especially in the central regions. This turned Aqua Ghyranis, imported into the continent through the Stormrift Realmgate, into the mainstay currency of the region. The Floating Market of Bataar used to transport and sell the imported Aqua Ghyranis. After its destruction many of these vessels washes ashore and were eagerly recovered through some were already tainted with disease, spreading it across the land.[1]

The irrigation networks of Capilaria were once laced with this potent water, but the Red Century made it run with gore.[1]