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Ar-Ulric is the title for the leader of the Cult of Ulric, the second strongest religion in The Empire.[1a]

He normally resides in Middenheim, the spiritual centre of the cult, and is one of the Electors: due to the martial nature of his followers, he has huge political and military might and influence. This also means, if the State fails to act he can muster large armies to destroy the enemies of Ulric and the Empire.[1a] In addition other devout Electors often consult with Ar-Ulric as to how to vote.[2b]

The Grandmaster of each Chapterhouse of the Knights of the White Wolf are also appointed by Ar-Ulric


The Ar-Ulric is chosen by the senior priests of the Order of the Howling Wolf who travel from across the Empire and as far away as Kislev to vote. Once elected, the position is held for life, and it is his responsibility to appoint High Priests of other temples. He is also the court cleric to the Graf of Middenheim.[2b]


It was the High Priest of Ulric who orgiinally crowned Sigmar, but for many centuries the Cult refused to acknowledge that he had become a god.[1a]

In 63 IC, Wulcan declares the Fauschlag sacred to Ulric and begins the construction of a great temple to the god.[1a][2a]

The Emperor consults with Ar-Ulric and Graf Wulfgaeng, and subsequently grants Middenheim a political charter.[2a]

In 1334 IC, the position of Ar-Ulric is made an Elector of the Emperor.[2a]

1360 IC sees Ottilia I declare herself Empress with the support of Ar-Ulric, who moves to her court at Talabheim.[1a][2a] She presents him with evidence that Sigmar was a mortal follower of Ulric and not a god, and together they ban the Cult of Sigmar in her lands.[8a]

It is not until 1547 IC that Ar-Ulric returns to Middenheim, with the then-ruling Graf enforcing a new rule of celibacy to prevent a High Priest from founding a dynasty himself.[2a]

Ar-Ulric Kriestov seeks to discredit Magnus the Pious but the future Emperor steps unharmed through the sacred flame, proving himself to all. Kriestov later joins his crusade against Chaos, leading an army of the faithful to war in Kislev, on his return from the successful campaign he scatters the Beastmen attacking Middenheim. [2a]

The current Ar-Ulric is Emil Valgeir.Needs Citation

Weapons and Equipment

  • 6th Edition: Hand Weapon, may have Heavy or Light Armour and a Shield. May have Additional Hand Weapon or Great Weapon. May ride a Barded Warhorse. May have Magic Items.[1d]
  • Blitzbeil: A powerful magical axe named after Ulric's own axe. Traditionally used by Ar-Ulric in battle, it enhances his strength and can cut through any mundane armour.[1c]

Gifts of Ar-Ulric


He can invoke the same prayers as a Warrior Priest of Ulric but more frequently.[1b]

  • Battle Howl: Increases the speed of charging warriors and the priest invoking the deity[1b]
  • Destruction: Damage nearby enemies.[1b]
  • Fury of Ulric: The priest and those he accompanies ignore fear and terror. [1b]
  • Winter's Chill: Makes the priest harder to hit.{{Fn|1b}
known Ar-Ulrics
name term of office IC notes
Wulcan [1a][3] unclear, around 63[1a][3] Began construction of a temple in Middenheim. [1a][3]
Bronnstien [1a][3] Around 1116[1a][3] Died in 1116 defending the Great Temple of Ulric against Skaven in Middenheim. [8a]
Herrsher[1a] unclear, around 1200[1a] In 1207 he drove out Dieter Helsnicht with a company of Knights of the White Wolf. [1a][2a][8a]
Krieger[1a] unclear, around 1360[1a] Invited by Ottilia I, he moved the Cult to Talabheim in 1360 IC. [8a]
Franzsson[4] unclear, around 1975[4] Accepted the Order of the Winter Throne (Ragnarites), considered by many a controversial High Priest. [4][8a]
Kriestov[1a][2a][5][6] unclear, around 2300 [1a][2a][5][6] A rival of Magnus the Pious, later his ally[1a][2a][5][6][8a]
Jarrick Valgeir[2b]
Emil Valgeir[7] ? - present


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