Arabyan Army List

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Large unit of Arabyan Bowmen for Warmaster

The Arabyan Army is based on large infantry units of Arabyan Spearmen and Arabyan Bowmen and elite Arabyan Guards with scimitars. Horses are very highly prized by the people of Araby and so light Arabyan Desert Riders and heavy calvary - called Arabyan Knights by Old Worlders - are included as well as Arabyan Camel Riders who are specialised in movement in the dry and waterless Great Desert of Araby. From the bushy lands south to that great Arabyan desert come Elephants that are used as mounts for Arabyan warriors. Magicans of Araby are specialized in the art of binding spirites of the wind to carpets, to make them fly - so units of men, mounted on Arabyan Flying Carpets are also part of the army.

The Arabyan Army is led by their Sheiks, Emirs, the High Grand Vezir of a potentate or - on rare occasions - even the Sultan himself, who may ride on Elephants or Camels. Arabyan Wizards and Magicians are also part of the Army, who try to conjure Djinns to do their bidding or manipulate the powers of the elements and the desert to harm their enemies.