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Arch-Warlock of Clans Skryre

An Arch-Warlock is a powerful member of one of the Clans Skryre.[1]

The greatest of the clan warlocks who have risen to the top through politics, devastating use of power, sheer cunning and outright assassination are known as Arch-Warlocks. The smaller clans of Skryre may be controlled by a single individual, but the large clans are often led by mastercovens that consist of many Arch-Warlocks. All have incredible technology at their disposal, with lightning projectors and warpstone powered armour being commonplace,[1d] many are armed with Warpfire Gauntlets, Stormcage Halbards and Piston Claws. [1e]



Arch-warlocks are Wizards and know the Arcane Bolt, Mystic Shield and Warp Lightning Storm which they can boost (although its risky) with their warp-power accumulator. [1e]