Armand d'Aquitaine

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Armand d'Aquitaine was the Battle Standard Bearer of Bretonnia and one of the youngest people to become a Grail Knight, he was later made Duke of Aquitaine by King Louen Leoncoeur himself.


Armand was the younger brother of the former Duke of Aquitaine, as a Knight Errant he was famed for his recklessness and his luck, and refused all offers of a fief until King Louen himself offered him a place in the royal household. Again Armand distinguished himself with feats of valour, most notably slaying the monstrous Bestigor Darmal the Crooked in single combat. Many expected him to be made a Baron. Instead Armand became one of the youngest knights ever to become a Grail Knight, having gone on his quest immediately after achieving knighthood and relinquishing all claims to the Dukedom of Aquitaine held by his elder brother.

On his return as a Grail Knight, he was made to wield the sacred Banner of The Lady of The Lake. The Battle Standard Bearer of Bretonnia is always a knight of exceptional valor. The standard depicts the Lady of the Lake herself and it is claimed that this is the very same banner that was carried by Gilles le Breton. Armand d'Aquitaine won the honour of bearing this holy and venerable banner by beating all other contending Knights in the Great Tournament of Couronne. Armand guarded the banner knight and day within the Grail Chapel of Couronne, using only his shield as a pillow.

After his older brother died, by Royal Command he was declared heir to Aquitaine, becoming its renowned Duke. Armand has become known for solving the Dukedom's problems personally and martially.

Armand d'Aquitaine would meet his end during the End Times, killed during a siege which caused the walls around him to collapse. Like all Grail Knights his spirit would travel to a new world, part of the god Lileaths plan to preserve humanity.

Items and Abilities

Armand was a Grail Knight of Bretonnia, and as such was beyond mortal men.

The "Banner of the Lady of the Lake", was the very same sacred banner carried by Gilles le Breton himself. It was blessed by the Lady of the Lake and bears her image. Under this banner Gilles le Breton united Bretonnia and rode to victory in every battle. The banner inspired dread in Armand's enemies whilst empowering his allies.


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