Armanda de Pantaleon

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Armanda de Pantaleon was a Tilean trader who introduced paper money to the western nations of the Old World. [1a]

Although she was a devotee of Handrich, she is also venerated by members of the Cult of Ranald for managing to persuade people to hand over their gold in return for bits of paper! [1a]


She was born in 1768 IC. [1a]

Discovering that paper money had been used in Cathay for generations, Armanda attempted to replicate this in Tilea to allow its merchants to have the same flexibility in their transactions. She was forced to abandon her efforts to escape the ire of a local princeling, who did not understand the finer points of financial theories. [1a]

Although Armanda died in 1831 IC, Economicks scholars within the Cult of Handrich have shown much interest in her correspondance and essays but some priests believe removing coins, Handrich’s own holy symbol, would be a blasphemy. [1a]


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