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Arngard is a Fyreslayer Grimwrath Berzerker of the Vostarg Lodge. [1]

Known as the Fearless, he fought against Skarbrand and surived. [1]


A powerful force unleashed at the command of his Runefather Bael-Grimnir, Arngard has on occassion been charged with weilding the Vosaxe intoo battle. [1]

At the battle of Bloodkeep he was taken over by the rage of Khorne and slew seveal allied Stormcast Eternals only being brought to hsi senses by a lightning bolt from Thurnos Blackheart. However later he would join Bael and Sargassus in standing against Skarbrand, holding the rampaging Greater Daemon off and allowing their warriors to escape. [1]