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Arnhault is a Knight-Incantor of the Hammers of Sigmar [1]

He was sent to the Realm of Ghur to seek out the Kingdom of Kharza [1a]


He is dark haired with pale grey eyes, a rakish cut to his black beard and his hair tied back in a plaited braid. Although he is considered handsome and cultured, he has a certain severity about the set of his jaw. [1a]


In his mortal existance he was Volkhard, last Priest-King of Kharza who had raised an army to fight a invasion during the Age of Chaos. However even as he prepared to fight the forces of Chaos, he and his warriors were betrayed by his brother Sabrodt who had turned to Nagash to grant him the power to gain the throne. As all perished, human and minion of Chaos alike, Sigmar took the soul of Volkhard to be reforged as Arnhault.[1a]

In his early days as a Stormcast he penned a history of his kingdom.[1c]

Following the Necroquake he returned to the lands he once ruled, but most of his memories had been lost in reforgings and only when he confronted Sabrodt did he truely recall who he had once been. Although he defeated the Knight of Shrouds that Sabrodt had become, he was mortally injured, likely to loose his memories again in the reforging process.[1]


There is more to strategy than the strictures laid down in tome and treatise. There are times when it is prudent to attend to what one feels rather than what one knows.

~ Arnhault to Penthius.[1a]