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Arnulf Schwarz was a formidable Mercenary officer in service to Count Einhard of the Border Princes. [1a]


Serving alongside Tilean crossbowmen in the Empire he picked up their language. [1a]

He fought against at least one Undead army. [1a]

After a unsuccessful attack on a local Orc stronghold, he was dispatched to Luccini to hire mercenaries to carry out the next assault. [1a]

Nearing the city, he was attacked by a group of a dozen bandits, who he quickly dispatched and continued, gaining entry to Luccini. Ignoring the calls of women from balconies, he was again attacked in alley and killed many of the attackers but was captured and brought to Prince Lorenzo who, once he explained his mission was keen to show him round and offered him the service of a company of Ogres, not willing to spare any of his own pikemen. [1a]

After being lavishly entertained, Arnulf inspected some other regiments but settled on the troublesome Ogres as they were at hand. Whilst they were being retrieved from the dungeons, he was taken on a tour of the great paintings created for the prince by Tintorezzi - the Triumph of Death, the Triumph of Lorenzo and the unfinished Triumph of Love. He was impressed by the pikemen in the second and the scantly clad models posing as Nymphs for the last. [1a]

The trek back took two weeks and on the way the Ogres who were led by the infamous Golgfag [1b] proved themselves against a large horde of Goblins and Trolls. [1a]


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