Aspiring Champion

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An Aspiring Champion.

Aspiring Champions are often the best any Chaos Warrior can hope to achieve, since most rarely progress further than this high position. The reason is simple. Chaos Champions eliminate anyone they see as a rival, butchering their underlings to ensure their continued place at the head of their armies. As a result, many Aspiring Champions leave the service of a Chaos Champion to create their own warband. Unfortunately, Aspiring Champions can only recall the most pertinent details of their past, and many assume new identities to replace those lost to them.

The frozen north spawns some of the hardiest warriors in all the world. Each is a paragon of deadly ability and lethal intent. Some ascend to command entire nations, some pursue the esoteric paths of the arcane, but the majority dedicate themselves to little more than the brutal butchery of all who stand in their way. These ruthless killers are known as Exalted Heroes. The history of many Exalted Heroes, recorded in scattered chronicles by the free people of the Old World, is a catalogue of woes and evil deeds. Their infamy shines bright as they capture the notice of the Dark Gods of Chaos with ever-greater feats of slaughter. They frequently seek out others of their kind to engage in ritual combat. When two Champions of Chaos clash, they duel to the death in the manner of gladiators, using the full force of every weapon at their disposal. When a victor emerges, bloodied but triumphant, he will cut a grisly trophy from his foe, claiming both his vanquished enemy's weapons and followers as his own. If the triumphant Champion has truly excelled, he may even succeed in attracting the attention of the Dark Gods and, in doing so, receive a more permanent reward for his deeds in the form of a mutation of daemonic gift. With each victory, the Champion grows ever closer to becoming a Chaos Lord, with whole armies to command and daemonhood within his reach.


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