Assassin (Skaven)

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A Clan Eshin assassin.

The best assets of Clan Eshin, assassins are capable of infiltrating virtually any fortress and eliminating any enemy. The Council of Thirteen regularly uses them to eliminate rebellious Warlords and disloyal Grey Seers[1]. Their services are also sold to whoever may afford the price demanded by Clan Eshin.

They are also capable of committing sabotage, like burning ships or houses, poisoning wells and/or food supplies.

Operating mostly alone, they are also capable of concealing themselves inside a regular Skaven infantry unit to better slay an enemy champion amidst the confusion of battle.

Deathmaster Snikch

The very best assassin of Clan Eshin is Deathmaster Snikch, the right paw of Nightlord Sneek. His precise whereabouts are always kept secret; this ensures that no enemy of the Council of Thirteen feels himself completely secure.

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