Astreia Solbright

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Astreia Solbright is the Lord-Arcanum of the Shimmersouls, the foremost Sacrosanct Chamber of the Hammers of Sigmar to whom she is known as the Lady Arcane. She leads her Chamber in search of a cure for the flaw affecting the Stormcast Eternals by slaying immortal creatures and studying the process that revives, which has brought her into conflict with Vampires. She rides to battle upon the Celestial Dracoline Kazra and when on the hunt, the two can be surprisingly stealthy, an attribute that has proven useful when prowling Shyish.[1]


Mortal Life

Solbright hails from the scintillating desert palaces of the Great Hysh Vista. There she was a Supplicant of the Great Lens, a prismatic edifice that stood atop the miles-high Pillar of Truths. Solbright spent her whole life up there, from her early days as a polisher-serf to Lens Magus. During the Age of Chaos the Great Lens was used against the corrupted drakes but she was thrown from her targeting throne into thin air but Sigmar took her to Azyr before she hit the ground.[1]

Stormcast Eternal

Solbright was reforged as a Lord-Arcanum, and given command of the Shimmersouls. She soon proved herself and mastered the use of pure magic as a weapon and it was her that first used bottled spirit energy as an explosive device. Her arcane talents were also enhanced by the reforging and now the scintillating magic she specialises in is the quintessence of Hyshian energy distilled into pure beams of exorcising force and she can still summon blinding sunrays capable of consuming even an ethereal creature despite now being more aligned with Azyr than Hysh.[1]

Solbright and her kindred have slain or banished many immortal creatures such as the Red Brides of van Kiarthus, the Liche of Fenn Dread, the Lord Wamphyr of Decrepita and the Unliving Monks of Dhostos Varne and each has risen again in a coffin, forming around a phylactery or canoptic jar, or reincarnating in the body of a newborn and each has later been studied in turn. However none have displayed the form of immortality she believes to be vital and that is to not only return to full strength after each death, but become even stronger, a process she plans to deconstruct in the laboratories of Sigmaron and attempt to emulate it in her chamber’s future reforging. However the only being in all realms that have returned from death stronger and more determined is Nagash.[1]