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High King Atheldade is a Abhorrant Ghoul King [1]

His companion is the Zombie Dragon Illuminas. [1]


A monstrous white giant clad only in tatters of skin, whose mouth has rows of shark-like teeth usually adorned with chunks of gristle.[1]


His kingdom had been beset with chaos invaders, rains and his subterranean palace being opened up by a landslide.[1]

In the Time of Tribulations, the Freeguild of Lake Lethis offered a parley, but his chief scout, Baron Retch ven Gizzard instead bought them to his king as vittles’ and a promise of more to come. [1]


The time of the eternal harvest is upon us. We have won through the time of strife, found the promised era, and all the while we did not forsake our ideals. Not even when times seemed so dark we were rendered blind. Now we see again, and all we need do is feast! Hunt and feast forever more!

~ Atheldade to his gathered people.[1]