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Auric Runemaster

Auric Runemasters are the high-priests of the Zharrgrim Priesthood and the lore keepers of the Fyreslayer Lodges.[2][3][4] They are essential to the operation of a lodge, as they craft the Ur-Gold runes that are hammered into the flesh of the Fyreslayers and give them the power of Grimnir.[1] They have a crest of orange hair, but unlike other Fyreslayers they don't have moustaches and they wear plaited ringlets on their beards, a mark of their rank within the Zharrgrim Priesthood.[4]

Thanks to their attunement to the power of their god, Runemaster can sense the presence of Ur-gold from many leagues away, with legend telling that some of them can sense it even in other realms.[1][3] Because of this power they are often called upon to guide a lodge's mercenary endeavours, hoping that their payment will contain Ur-gold. [4]In battle they seek out hidden Ur-Gold and with a single word they send Fyreslayers into the enemy to harvest the metal.[2]

The Runic Iron is a tool they use to hammer and carve new runes, that can also be wielded as a weapon. Into battle they carry a burning brazier of their forge-temples tapping into their affinity to fire to give them the command over earth and fire. They can slam this brazier into the ground to awaken slumbering volcanos with a word of power, causing the very battlefield itself to crack and splits, summoning geysers of magma to incinerate and drown their foes. They can also throw Fyresteel Throwing Axes at their enemies. They wear capes made of salamander scales, hung with runes of power, and wear ornate drake-skull battle helms.[1][2][3][4]

Auric Runesmiter

Auric Runesmiters are the war priests of the Fyreslayers and a messenger of their god Grimnir. They are able to channel the power of their god through the runes of Ur-gold, infusing their kin power with sonorous chants or by consecrating a small nugget of ur-gold over the runic altars and then consuming it. They have an affinity to ur-gold far above their kin, able to discern a single piece from within an entire chest of ordinary gold. They may earn enough respect to ascend to the status of a Auric Runemaster.[5][6][7] When they set their feet on stone, they can command it to flow aside and make a tunnel that the fyreslayers can use to outflank their foes.[8]

Runesmiters are armed with Latch-axes and may also carry Fyresteel Throwing Axes. They can also fight with Runic Irons or bear Forge Leys, Ur-gold artefacts that expand the runic empowerment of a Runesmiter. Some Runesmiters also ride Magmadroths into battle.[5][6][7]