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Averheim is the capital of Averland. The town is located on a steep hill south of the Aver. The Old Dwarf Road passes through the capital.


Averheim has been the chief city of the land between the Aver and the Reik, since before the birth of Sigmar and the establishment of The Empire. It is said that Siggurd himself began building the fortress, called the Averburg, upon the highest point of the city after Sigmar made him Count of his newly formed Empire. Siggurd wanted to create a symbol so massive and powerful that no one dared challenge his rule nor Sigmar's [1].

Averheim is also famous for the Pillar of Skulls, located on the Plenzerplatz, marking the high point of Gorbad Ironclaw's invasion of the city. Though the Averburg itself has never fallen, the armies of Gorbad Ironclaw overran the defences of the city and made it as far as Plenzerplatz were the Grand Count, his personal guard and the remaining soldiers of Averheim set upon them in a glorious charge. Slaughtered by the hundreds, Ironclaw was forced to move on, and the Grand Count ordered a monument built out of Orc skulls on the square.

It's rumoured that blood drips from the eye sockets of some of the skulls on Geheimnisnacht [1].


Averheim is an important trading centre, famous for its stockyards, where great cattle drives end in the heat and stink of an Averlander summer. For several days the streets are filled with cattle and merchants trying to get the best specimens from the owners. The stockyards are near the docks, where the slaughterhouses are located, so the cut meat can be prepared and loaded onto barges for easy transportation along the Aver [1].


Averheim is ruled from the Averburg, but for the time being no one is seated in the Electoral throne. The family of the former Elector Count, the late Marius Leitdorf, have the best claim, but their personal infighting has allowed several other noble families, notably the Alptraums, to rise in power and prestige.