Aygar Miatletaine

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Aygar Miatletaine is a old Norse Wizard living in Lustria. [1a]


He particapted in and led various raids up to the age of fifty. [1a]

With several others, he broke into a ancient Slann tomb to the north of the powerful Amoco River and was the only survivor of a trap within the but he was unable to escape. For the next two years he managed to survive on water collected in his hat and conjured fish. Eventually more tomb raiders arrived and hearing his cries for assistance, released him, sharing in the huge treasure haul. [1a]

Aygar retired to the trading port of Iquitos, becoming reclusive but also continuing his studies of the magical arts. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 2nd Edition: He is armed with a Staff and Sword. [1a]


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