Aygar Mistletaine

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Aygar Mistletaine is a old Norse Wizard living in Lustria. [1a]


In the beginning, he restricted his collecting to items of Lustrian origin but after amassing a respectable collection of these rare artefacts, he expanded his catalogue by trading with other aficionados not only in Lustria, but also Marienburg, the Empire, and Tilea. [2a]

Notable artefacts

  • Avid Knife: A Dark Elf blade, it syphons the lifeforce of its victim into its master. [2a]
  • Bone of Want: A small rib bone which constantly replenishes its meat. [2a]
  • Half-Starved of Naggaroth: Thin, curved Elf sword that requires nourishment in blood and souls. [2a]
  • Hammer of Glorri: A magical, talking hammer first created for the adventurer Glorri the Quiet. [2a]
  • Myselia’s Gnarly Staff. [2a]


Aygar was born to Norscan adventurers in Lustria. [2a]

He particpated in and led various raids up to the age of fifty before with several others, he broke into a ancient Slann tomb to the north of the powerful Amoco River and was the only survivor of a trap within, but he was unable to escape. For the next two years he managed to survive on water collected in his hat and conjured fish. Eventually more tomb raiders arrived and hearing his cries for assistance, released him, sharing in the huge treasure haul. [1a]

Aygar retired to the trading port of Iquitos, becoming reclusive but also continuing his studies of the magical arts. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 2nd Edition: He is armed with a Staff and Sword. [1a]


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