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Ba'hal, or Bull Centaurs are monstrous creatures, twisted fusions of Duardin and Centaur born from the works of the priests of Hashut.[1c]


They are filled with a unquenchable hunger for flesh.[1c]


Bull Centaurs are an avalanche of muscle and rage, making their charges particularly devastating, trampling all beneath their iron-shod hooves.[1c]


The Infantry are known as Render, carrying Spiteshields, laced with malefic curses that unleash tendrils of flame upon being struck, into battle.[1c]

Their leaders are the Taur'ruk, the largest and most powerful of their kind, violent but still keen-witted and intelligent. These leaders have the the Favour of Hashut and easily are able to drive their kin into zealous frenzy with their imposing presence.[1b]


  • Shar'tor the Executioned: The favourite Ba'hal Headsman of Hashut


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