Balthas Arum

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Balthas Arum is a Lord-Arcanum of the Anvils of the Heldenhammer of the Grave Brethren. He is a aether-mage and master of a Sacrosanct Chamber.[1a]

His Gryph-Charger is called Quicksilver[1c]


He is dark haired, invariably in the black-and-gold war-plate and robes of the Anvils of the Heldenhammer. He carries an ornate staff of sigmarite and gold and although he takes a blade to war, he rarely uses it otherwise spending much of his time researching. [1a]


At the siege of the city of Agnostai in the Realm of Chamon he turned their gold stores to granite which caused the defending mercenary army to surrender without actual conflict and enabled him to gain access to the Silver Sepulchre which he considered vital for his ongoing research.[1c]

When the reforging of Pharus Thaum went wrong and he became a lightning-gheist, Balthas attempted to calm and control the raging soul but failed and it fell to the Realm of Shyish[1b]

Under orders from Sigmar himself, he led the Grave Wardens Sacrosanct Chamber to Glymmsforge to help defend it against the forces of Nagash.[1c]


Sometimes, I think what we seek is like air and cannot be grasped. Nonetheless, I strain to do so and become a shadow of myself. A shadow among shadows. I am close, I think. The answer is here, somewhere, in this library. In these books. The accumulated know­ledge of centuries. As I’ve said before, what better hunting grounds for such as we?

~ Balthas Arum in the Grand Library of Sigmaron.[1a]