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Outlaws are a commonplace within the Old World. Many laws are passed for the protection of the factions citizens (although just as many are passed for the betterment of those in power). Those outside the law either end up dead, or in the thrall of something far darker, whether they be the forces of Chaos, Vampire Lords slavemasters like the Dark Elves or experimented upon by the likes of the Skaven.

Here however we will be discussing those that manage to cheat the dark powers of the Warhammer World and exist outside the law by there own mortal skills, often in search of coin, or plunder. The individuals are just as likely to sign on as mercenaries as knife the paymaster and steal the loot.

Notable Outlaws

  • The notorious outlaw Jurgen Muntz leads a band of outlaws, all of which were once highly trained swordsmen of the Empire. Whilst they wear black over grey, brown and chainmail, their banner still bears the colours of Hochland and we can assume they originated here. Muntz may be an outlaw but he and his band of wanted men are happy to work for gold as mercenaries. Muntz has been known to use the Spelleater Shield, which explains why his group of outlaws have survived so long in the chaos and undead infested forests. [1]
  • Stephan Weiss leads a band of inexperienced, unarmoured black garbed pistoliers which have been known to be hired as mercenaries as a powerful, if unreliable flanking force. Judging by their garb they spend most of their time as Highwaymen [2].
  • Pieter The Spider was the master thief of the Guild of Shadows in Mordheim. His success was largely due to a pair of magicl boots that allowed him to move normally on any terrain surface. Even vertically! [3]
  • Johann the Knife was a cut-throat for hire in the ruined city of Mordheim. A wealthy knife fighter for hire Johann's talent was only eclipsed by his lack of personal hygiene [4].
  • Undead Bandits have been known to march from burial Cairns garbed in black and armed with ancient hand weapons or bows on the road between Altdorf and Bogenhafen. [6]


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