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Barak-Zifin, the Windswept City is one of the six major sky-ports of the Kharadron Overlords, sailing high in the Realm of Chamon. [1]

  • Aether-gold shares: 102,300,678 [1]
  • Delegates on the Geldraad: 4, [1]


Famed for its shipwrights and pilots, explorers and traders from Barak-Zilfin venture further in the search for profit than any other sky-port. The pilots can read the winds and zephyrs so well that they are known as the windmasters. More airships come from the many and powerful Coghalls than from any other sky-port and now the city is the second largest, a position it will be hard to shift from. [1]

Notably, Barak-Zilfin are able to deploy ships with Aetherspheric Endrins which allow them deploy unseen and unheralded far higher than other sky-ports.[1]


During the Age of Sigmar Barak-Zilfin can found to the north of the Auric Hills, west of the site of the last battle by the League of Karaks and the site of the lost Forge-city of Grungni. [1]


Although Barak-Zilfin discovered the location of the lost Forge-city of Grungni, it had been entirely infested by the skaven and all seven expeditions to the city have met with failure – either to retake it or even to return lost artefacts.[1]

The sky-port is raided by the Much-great Sky-kill Air Armada commanded by the skaven Warlock-Admiral Steelklaw. [5a]

At the beginning of the Time of Tribulations, Admiral Drekk Leifson leads a fleet through the Lesser Mawr-Portal, looking to reach the city of Shadespire, despite strong resistance by the undead they send search parties into the city. Ten duardin return from the search and send word to their home via clockwork hawk, claiming their retreaval of the Magnificent Mirror, but they are never seen again.[2]