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Barak-Zon, City of the Sun was the first founded of the Kharadron Overlords sky-ports and is still one of the “Big Six”, sailing high in the Realm of Chamon. [1]


Its name, the City of the Sun is gained from the light that illuminates the vast structure as it sails high – the highest of the sky-ports. The city celebrates its warriors and their wars with fourteen triumphal arches and many avenues of heroes. [1]

The duardin crew and the ships of the City of the Sun are bright and colourful (predominately red) so that their enemies can see them coming and who it is that has defeated them following any battle. [1]


Following the Aethersteam of Ziffenbrynar, in the Age of Sigmar Barak-Zon hangs above the plains of Gazan Zhar, north of the Patina Peaks[1] in the Spiral Crux [2a]


Time of Reaving: Admiral Nelriksson wins a famous victory at the Battle of the Tungsten Peaks.[1]

Age of Sigmar: The daemonic legions of Tzeentch led by Kairos Fateweaver created an arcane barrier that enveloped Barak-Zon and began a siege that lasted ninety-nine day. The city was relieved by a confederation of sky-port fleets led by Brokk Grungsson.[1]