Battle at The Dead and Buried

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Battle for the Dead and Buried
Conflict End Times/Nurgle invasion of Sylvania
Date 2528 IC
Location The Dead and Buried inn, Sylvania
Outcome Nurgle victory
Army of Nurgle Small number of powerful vampire lords
Isabella von Carstein
The Nameless
Vlad von Carstein
Mannfred von Carstein
Isabella von Crastein; cursed and corrupted vampire
The Nameless evil spirit possessing the body of Sigmarite priest Luthor Huss
Pusregnant the Glorious; Great Unclean One
Festerheart; Herald of Nurgle
The Legion of Soulblight; five tallybands of Plaguebearers, one tallyband of Plague Drones, one pack of Beasts of Nurgle
The Bickermites; eight swarms of Nurglings
The Dominated Dead; one vast horde of Zombies
Vlad von Carstein
Mannfred von Carstein
Luthor Harkon
Captain Drekla; vampire
Karkanoth of the Nosantra; Ghoul King
Brachanasta of the Nosantra; Varghulf
Zaphaniah Karkanoth of the Nosantra; vampire
Igorin of the Nosantra; vampire
Bastarno of the Nosantra; vampire
Marja of the Nosantra;vampire The Drakenhof Templars; two brotherhoods of Blood Knights
Nameless dead
near total
Mannfred von Carstein only survivor

The second major battle of the Nurgle invasion of Sylvania during the End Times.


In early 2528 Nurgle forces start invading Sylvania. They were led by the resurrected Isabella von Carstein, who had been twisted and corrupted by Nurgle to act as an anathema to the undead, and the Nameless, a mindless spirit and former Mortarch of Nagash's who betrayed his master in favour of the Chaos Gods. Mannfred von Carstein, supported by the insane vampire pirate king Luthor Harkon, was given the job of repelling the invasion.

Despite a few minor, early victories, Mannfred was overwhelmingly defeated by the forces of the plague lord when the mighty willpower of the Nameless ripped control of his zombies hordes from him. Forced to retreat to an abandoned coaching inn nearby called The Dead and Buried Mannfred and a small number of powerful vampire lords were joined by the wounded and poisoned Vlad von Carstein and made a desperate last stand.

Stages of battle

  • Zombies attack from the east and surround the inn. Vlad drives them off but begins to suffer from the effects of his poisoning by the blood of Otto Glott.
  • Brachanasta leaps over the wall and starts slaughtering zombies.
  • Harkon begins to slip into a manic state and only avoids destruction thanks to his subordinate Captain Drekla.
  • The Drakenhof Templars start to take casualties.
  • Igorin slain by zombies
  • The southern defenders begin to get overrun. Vlad moves to support Zaphaniah who uses the reprieve to cast a devastatingly effective spell. The physical stress of the spell causes the watchtower of the inn to collapse, crushing and destroying Zaphaniah.
  • Mannfred begins to wrestle control of the zombies back from the Nameless. The zombies turn on themselves.
  • Isabella, the Nameless and Pusregnant arrive at the battlefield. The Nameless once again takes control of the entirety of the zombies horde.
  • Zombies use the collapsed watchtower to force into the courtyards. Vlad and Mannfred are forced to plug the gap.
  • The daemons of Nurgle arrive from the north and confront Harkon and Drekla.
  • Bastarno is slain by a Beast of Nurgle
  • Nurglings assault Karkanoth
  • Brachanasta attacks Pusregnant.
  • Plaguebearers led by the Herald Festerheart break through the wall. The Drakenhof Templars counter charge and Karkanoth destroys Festerheart. The Plaguebearer assault is stymied until Plague Drones attack the Templars and carry Karkanoth off, never to be heard from again.
  • Knowing the poisoning of his blood meant he could not fight a protracted battle, Vlad decides to end the battle by charging the Nameless, seeking to destroy him. When Vlad is overwhelmed by zombies Mannfred abandons him.
  • Pusregnant finally manages to destroy Brachnasta.
  • Harkon, Drekla and the remaining templars are surrounded by zombies and daemons. Pusregnant arrives in the courtyard and slays the last templars. Harkon, quite mad by now, heedlessly attacks Pusregnant in turn. Drekla is killed defending his master from the Great Unclean One. Mannfred and Harkon destroy Pusregnant.
  • Overwhelmed and seeing the battle is lost Mannfred flies away from the battle, Harkon hanging from his mount's flank. In a moment of spiteful treachery, Mannfred cuts Harkon away from his mount and the Pirate King falls back into the swarm of zombies and daemons. Harkon is slain by Isabella.
  • Vlad, weak but defiant, fights back to the inn pursued by the Namesless. He taunts the possessed Huss, questioning his strength and his faith until the priest fights free from the Nameless' control. Together they battle the Nurgle daemons until Isabella slays them both.


Despite the loss of the Nameless and his zombie hordes the battle was a major victory for the Nurgle forces, who were then free to penetrate Sylvania all the way to Nagash's centre of power at the Black Pyramid. Vlad's death was not permanent thanks to the power of his ring. He reappeared a Nagash's side some time later when he traveled to Athel Loren to join the other Incarnates, free of the poisoning that afflicted him at the Dead and Buried..


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This article needs some improvement on its citations.
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