Battle of Astofen Bridge

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Battle of Astofen Bridge
Outcome Victory for Unberogens. [1a]
Unberogens. [1a] Orcs & Goblins. [1a]
Sigmar. [1a] Bonecrusher. [1a]
Approximately 250 warriors. [1a] approximately 2000 greenskins. [1b]

A large greenskin host of more around two thousand [1b] Orcs and Goblin had come down from the mountains and marched on Astofen. [1a]


As the Orcs attacked the town, Sigmar concealed his cavalry behind a ridge whilst waiting for a signal from Trinovantes at the stone bridge a league away from the town. When the green banner was waved from the stand of trees near the bridge, Sigmar led his cavalry to attack the greenskins. [1a]

His own cavalry charged and flung their spears into the orcs, killing dozens whilst goblins returned fire with their bows - although the greenskins formed a shield wall, it was unsteady as many were keen to charge the cavalry. Wolfgart's riders arrived and another hundred arrows caused more casualties, followed by a second volley before they wheeled and rode away. The enraged orcs charged after them. [1a]

The cavalry reformed again and charged, throwing another volley of spears as they closed then drawing swords and axes. The horse warriors cut deep into the disorganised host, killing many but hundreds more orcs pressed forwards to get to grips with them, as Unberogens began to fall, Sigmar ordered Wolfgart to sound the retreat to the bridge. [1a]

Trinovantes led his men onto the bridge as the cavalry retreated across the stone bridge and formed a defiant barrier to meet the oncoming greenskins. As they prepared to face the Orcs, Sigmar and his men restocked their arms from a nearby cache, itself formed in a wedge aimed at the bridge to help the horsemen re-form. [1a]

As Sigmar led a new charge, Bloodcrusher killed Trinovantes, but the Orcs had lost all cohesion and many lay dead. A volley of arrows and spears proceeded the impact of the cavalry as they began to slaughter the greenskins. At the heart of the fighting Sigmar leapt from his charging stallion, bringing down Ghal-Maraz down to smash through Bloodcrusher’s helm, skull and down through and out of his shattered body. He then killed the huge orcs lieutenant's before ordering his men to chase the other greenskins and leave none alive. [1a]

Order of Battle


  • Sigmar. [1a]
    • Pendarg, Banner bearer to Sigmar. [1a]
    • One hundred cavalry with Axes or Swords, Mail Armour, Throwing Spears and Shields. [1a]
  • Wolfgart. [1a]
    • One hundred cavalry with Axes or Swords, Bows. [1a]
  • Trinovantes. [1a]
    • Fifty heavy infantry in plate and mail and armed with Spears and Shields, the heaviest and strongest warriors in the army. [1a]



To fight such a host on equal terms is to die, and I have no intention of returning to Reikdorf upon my shield.

~ Sigmar to Wolfgart.[1a]


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