Battle of Brass Keep

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Battle of Brass Keep
Conflict War against Nagash
Date circa 3 IC
Location Brass Keep
Outcome Victory for Sigmar and the living.
The Empire Undead
Sigmar Morath


In 3 IC the Necromancer Morath began to raise the dead near Middenheim, taking the title of Lord of Brass Keep. [1a] Count Pendrag and Sigmar led 600 men to locate Morath and his stronghold. [1b]

As they arrived at the keep, the moon Morrslieb hung full in the sky. [1c]

Sigmar formed his warriors into a wedge and led the charge into the mass of the dead arrayed before the castle, whilst Morath remained atop his tower. The White Wolves were formed around Sigmar, flanked by the Counts Guard, [1c] however as the battle raged, Sigmar saw that Myrsa was in danger of being overwhelmed by frenzied Dire Wolves and remembering the words of the Hag of the Brackenwalsch fought to reach him. [1d]

Bolts of lightning were conjured by Morath from his position atop the keep, killing more of the warriors of Middenheim, and their banner bearer was brought with a wolfs jaws crushing his skull. Sigmar arrived and took up the fallen banner, killing more wolves as they leapt at him and rallying the northerners. [1d]

Meanwhile Pendrag and his men fought against a seemingly endless horde of walking corpses but then they were confronted by armoured Wights who matched his swordsmen with their own skill and huge swords that shimmered with an eerie light. Pendrag himself was confronted by a Wight King, surviving a beheading blow only due to a torque ring around his neck gifted to him by Alaric the Mad. Disarmed, he was still able to use the silver point of his banner pole to impale and destroy his opponent which also banished his Grave Guard. [1e]

By now, Myrsa was badly wounded and hundreds of the living were wounded or dead as Sigmar led warriors through the gates of the fortress. There they were assailed by Banshees and Sigmar was nearly overcome by the fear and despair they invoked and many of those with him dropped dead of fear. However the howling of Pendrag, Redwane and their remaining warriors as they charged to join him broke the spell of despair.[1f]

The interior proved to full of graves and sepulchres which now began to rise - knowing that they could not defeat so many - Sigmar determined to reach the Necromancer in the hope this would return the dead to their rest. [1g] The Emperor climbed the tower to challenge Morath directly but was nearly ovocome by the power of the Necromancer and the Crown of Nagash. Pendrag charged Morath but was aged decades by a spell whilst Sigmar was shown dire visions of lost Mourkain and the inevitabiloty of his own Empires destruction. [1h]

Sigmar rallied and again attacked Morath, shatttering his staff and then flung him from the side of the tower, destroying him and releasing the dead to return to their rest. Sigmar then restored Pendrag with the power of the Crown before claiming it for his own. [1i]

Order of Battle


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