Battle of Butcher's Hill

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The Battle of Butcher's Hill took place sometime between 2512 and 2515 IC. It was fought between the Empire and the invading greenskins under the command of Azhag. It was at this battle that Azhag earned the title 'Slaughterer'.

Under the guidance of the Crown of Sorcery, Azhag deployed his army in three distinct sections - unheard of amongst notoriously unsophisticated Orc Warlords. The first section consisted of Black Orcs and Big 'Uns. They attacked the defenders atop the hill head on. The second section was a mass of Orcs and Goblins who swept around the hill to cut off the reinforcements. The final section of Goblins and Snotlings outflanked the defenders. The swarm of greenskins climbed the hill and spilled around the defenders until they were completely surrounded.

Finally, drawing upon the power of the Crown of Sorcery, Azhag bellowed in a voice that was not his own. He bound the spirits of the recently slain and turned them on their former comrades. The defenders found themselves fighting back-to-back against a living tide of greenskins, whilst the recently killed clawed at them from beneath. The slaughter was so great that not a single man escaped the battle.


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