Hunt of the Vlagians

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The Hunt of the Vlagians was the pursuit of the surviving dawi of Karak Vlag by the Keeper of Secrets, Amin'Hrith. [1]

Karak Vlag was drawn into the Realm of Chaos and all the Dwarfs within were enslaved by Slaanesh. However, Anarbarziz, the nephew of the King, and most of his clan, had been away fighting Goblins. Finding that their home had vanished, they turned southwards to find reinforcements in order to investigate more carefully. Unfortunately for them, the Keeper of Secrets Amin'Hrith had watched them leave from the Palace of Pleasure and began the Hunt of the Vlagians. [1]

The Bloody Spires

Not wishing to lose time, Anarbarziz led his clan through the dangerous region known as the Bloody Spires. It was here that Amin'Hrith launched its first attack. Seekers of Slaanesh raced out from glittering gateways and quickly surrounded the vanguard of the Dwarf army. From either side Daemonettes and Fiends of Slaanesh advanced on the Vlagians. [1]

Though surrounded, the Dwarfs put up a fierce resistance. Wherever Anarbarziz fought, the Dwarfs battled with ever greater vigour. The defence was so potent that only the vanguard was lost and Amin'Hrith was forced to retreat to the Realm of Chaos. [1]

The Vlagians marched south without rest until they reached Ar Anrak, an outpost of Karak Ungor. On hearing what had happened to Karak Vlag, the garrison commander, Kungrim, offered to escort them to Karak Kadrin. Preparations were begun for the long march at the height of summer. [1]

A Dread Alliance

Amin'Hrith, although defeated, was determined to claim every last Vlagian for Slaanesh. It approached the Lord of Change known as the Eldritch Watcher and proposed an alliance. The Greater Daemon of Tzeentch agreed to assist the Hunt of the Vlagians in return for Amin'Hrith's aid in overthrowing a rival Lord of Change. [1]

Accompanied by many Horrors and Screamers of Tzeentch, Amin'Hrith launched an attack on Ar Anrak a few days after Anarbarziz arrived. The Eldritch Watcher was content to observe from the Impossible Fortress and did not take a part in the battle. [1]

The advancing Daemons were showered with missile fire from the wars of the fortress, but the fast moving Screamers forced the Dwarfs back from the ramparts. Daemonettes nimbly climbed the walls and cackling Horrors blasted the gate with magical fire. [1]

With their defences so easily overridden, the Dwarfs realised they couldn't hold out for long and Kungrim ordered the retreat. A small rearguard was left to protect the evacuation as the garrison and Vlagians retreated out into the wilderness. [1]

The Battle of Death Canyon

The last stand of the Dwarfs of Karak Vlag was fought in the winding valley known as Death Canyon, or Uzkul-ak-Dreng. At the south-eastern end the Daemon army of Amin'Hrith waited as the Dwarfs marched steadily towards them. Anarbarziz knew that he had to break through, and ordered the few war machines that had been salvaged from Ar Anrak to break a path through the otherworldly host. [1]

The Dwarfs were advancing into the gap when reality split apart in the mountains behind them and a Daemon Army of Khorne, led by the Bloodthirster Kharang'kahar Goreweaver marched out into the valley. They had been drawn to the mortal realm by the stench of battle and were eager for war. [1]

Surrounded by two Daemonic Hosts, all Anarbarziz could hope for was that a few warriors might survive and take news of Karak Vlag to the other Dwarf holds, but it was not to be. Every Dwarf was slaughtered and the eventual fate of Karak Vlag remains a mystery to the Dwarfs to this day. [1]


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