Battle of Grimdal's Tomb

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Battle of Grimdal's Tomb
Outcome Bloody draw
Dwarfs Bretonnia
Kazgar the Fearless. Flaubert Bonsanté

The Battle of Grimdal's Tomb was fought between the Dwarfs of Karaz-a-Karak and a Lord of Bretonnia. [1a]


The Great Hammer of Wrath is forged by Skalf Blackhammer. [1b]

Brond, King of Karaz-a-Karak gives the hammer to Grimdal Runescar who was journing into the lands that would become Bretonnia in search of riches. He never returns [1b] and is buried by his followers in a huge burial mound of the local manlings. [1c]

Thousands of years later a Dwarf trader returned to Karaz-a-Karak with a Wood Elf map which showed the location of a tomb called Grimdal's barrow. Kazgar the Fearless decided to recover the hammer that he was sure would have been buried with Grimdal and the king of the hold gave his blessing, sending two other champions and a detahcment of troops to assist him. Kazgar also hired a pair of Kislevite scouts, Scarface and One-Eye to try and avoid conflict with the Bretonnians or the Wood Elves. Both men had previously led raids into the region. [1b]

Many weeks of travel led the expedition into Bretonnia but on the very first morning, Scarface was found to be missing from the encampment near Loren Forest. He had brawled with his companion and rode out, heading to the nearby castle of Baron Flaubert Bonsanté and for a handful of gold told him all about the search for the ancient hammer. [1b]

The Baron had the scout dragged off to his dog-pits as food for his wolfhounds and gathered his own expedition from the various disreputable knights staying at the castle for a tournament in honour of his daughter, Helena. He also recruited a Wood Elf scout to find and trail the Dwarfs for gold. And so as the Dwarfs approached the barrow, the baron's forces were also closing in, lurking on the reverse slope of a ridge of pine trees. [1b]

The Battle

One-Eye scouted ahead but was shot through the throat by the Fingol the Wood Elf who took up a new position within the Great Standing Stones. Unable to restrain his knights, Baron Bonsanté was forced to lead them in a impulsive charge down towards the Dwarfs - whose clan dwarfs formed a defensive line to face them. [1d]

The Hammerers formed a second line to face a group of retainer approaching from the rear, the Rune banner of Valaya held proudly aloft by Garag. Several spells were unleashed upon by Helena, but the banner dispelled them before they could do any harm, much to the annoyance of the Sorceress! Kazgar joined Thord and his slayers and moved to enter the mound itself. [1e]

The Baron and his knights crashed into the shield wall but it held fast, only a single dwarf falling to Flaubert himself, in reply one knight was brought down. [1e] The melee continued with both sides taking loses but it was the Dawi that broke and ran, a pair of clansdwarfs heading for the trees as the Baron restablished control with the flat of his blade. [1f]

It was a different story with the mounted retainers who found the hammerers far too formidable a foe and only a single rider was able to escape the unrelenting blows although their only loss - Garag the devout and his rune banner fell into the mud. [1f] Kazgar and the Slayers moved through the tomb, dispatching some risen skeletons - for whom the original barrow had been created - before being confronted by a Cave Troll! which was hewn down instantly by Kazgar's Runehammer. [1g]

The Hammerers, having recoverd their standard were attacked once more by the magic of Helena and this time the mud-covered rune banner was no defence and it and the dwarf who held it aloft were shrivelled to ash. The remaining warriors now had a more formidable mundane threat to deal with - a group of Foot Knights were approaching. The Hammerers charged the enemy but they were slowly enveloped and slain. [1g]

Thus Kazgar and the remaining Slayers emerged only to be confronted by a line of bloodsplattered, grim knights, [1g] lances levelled as they began a charge. [1g] Kazgar could have shattered the oncoming line with his Runestaff but he had left it in the tomb in favour of the Great Hammer of Wrath. [1h]

The knights struck but Kazgar struck the Baron with a mighty blow, sending him reeling in the saddle and although Helena attempted to intervene with a spell, the rune talisman around his neck dispelled her magic. Although wounded, the Baron stuck back, cutting through the Dwarf's chainmail even as his men cut down the slayers and seeing his remaining warriors falling, Kazgar ordered the retreat back into the barrow. [1h]

The blooded figure of the Baron demanded to know who would follow the Dwarfs into the tomb and recover the hammer, but none seemed keen! As his daughter rode up, her reminded them of his promise to marry her to whoever could gain for him! Helena looked at collection of unattractive, poor and lees than heroic knights and used her magic to seal the tomb declaring that That's where the Hammer has been for five thousand years and that's where it can stay! I hate runes! [1h]

Her father was not inclined to argue with her and the Bretonnians left the field and the dead although soon faint sounds of hammering could be heard from the barrow. These faded away as the air ran out and with the wolves and ravens descending to devour the dead, the two surviving dwarfs who had fled into the woods left as well. [1h] The pair would soon choose to take the path of the Slayer and found their fate in the bellies of Trolls in the Grey Mountains. [1i]

Order of Battle


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