Battletome: Chaos Dreadhold (2015)

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The cover of Battletome: Chaos Dreadholds.

Battletome: Chaos Dreadhold (2015) are the fortresses and castles utilized by the legions of Chaos worshipers in the Mortal Realms. The Dreadholds are festooned with the imagery and iconography of the Chaos Gods, and are covered in the skulls of those who have perished on and around them.

This is a battletome containing Battleplans that put your fortresses at the centre of your games and eight Warscroll Battalions.


The keeps of Chaos bind the realms like a collar of iron and skulls. Mighty fortresses rise from plains littered with rotting corpses, while the skies overhead boil with gore-streaked clouds. These are the Chaos Dreadholds, from whence the cruel minions of the Dark Gods watch over their lands. Towering walls and gore-soaked ramparts hold keeps teeming with bloodthirsty warriors hungry for war. As the Age of Sigmar begins their rusting gates swing wide, and the wrath of the Dark Gods is unleashed once more onto the realms.

Battletome: Chaos Dreadhold explores the mighty fortresses raised in the name of the Dark Gods – looming citadels, spike-covered walls and blood-daubed castles all built by the minions of Chaos to bring glory to their dark and terrible masters. Within this book you will find:


  • Tales of war that chart the bloody battles fought across the keeps of Chaos champions and the cursed citadels of the Mortal Realms.
  • 3 battleplans for recreating these mighty conflicts on your tabletop.
  • 4 warscrolls detailing the constituent parts of a Chaos Dreadhold
  • 8 warscroll battalions with different ways to assemble your own fortress to thwart the enemies of Chaos, each with unique special rules For your games.