Battletome: Seraphon (2015)

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The cover of Battletome: Seraphon.

Battletome: Seraphon (2015) is your guide to the daemonic lizard-warriors of the Seraphon. Comprehensive background, and rules for every model in the seraphon range, plus exclusive battleplans that pit them against their deadliest foes.


It's a brand new start for the lizard warriors of the slann. You think you know your saurus, skinks and giant dinosaur beasties... Well think again. Warriors without a world, they're back with a whole new background and an entirely new mission – to scour Chaos from the Mortal Realms and bring about an age of peace. Find out all about it, plus all the rules you need to use your seraphon on the tabletop, along with new warscroll battalions and scenario battleplans.

The skies blaze with glittering constellations as the seraphon descend upon the Mortal Realms, summoned from the heavens by the mighty Slann Starmasters. Reptilian warriors and saurian war-beasts roar out a challenge to their foes, as ancient slann seers and skink priests weave spells of destruction. Creatures of order and light, the seraphon are anathema to the armies of Chaos, and wherever the minions of the Dark Gods gather their wrath is visited upon the Mortal Realms.

This book tells of the seraphon, a mysterious race hidden among the stars. Once they were mortal warriors, until their world was destroyed by Chaos. Now they are summoned to the battlefield by the magic of the slann, ancient seers of ineffable power. Within this book you will find:


  • Details of the markings that identify some of their greatest constellations.
  • 27 warscrolls, covering the full range of seraphon Citadel Miniatues. Summon forth a seraphon army and fight the war of vengeance!
  • 6 warscroll battalions that combine warscrolls in different ways, each with unique special rules that enhance the fury they can visit upon the foe.
  • 3 battleplans, scenarios that reflect the way the seraphon wage war.