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Bel Shanaar the Navigator was a wise and just Phoenix King who bought much prosperity to the High Elves. His bloody death heralded in an era of war and torment.

Notable Events of Bel Shanaar's reign

N.B. All dates are Imperial Calendar equivalents.

Date Events Sources
ca. -4420 Bel Shanaar is coronated following Aenarion's death and the end of the Coming of Chaos. A great period of rebuilding starts, in which many of the sacked and ruined Elf cities are rebuilt. Needs Citation
ca. -4164 The first Elven colonies are built in the New World. Malekith defends Athel Toralien from Orc Warlord Gritok Redfang and wins. Needs Citation
ca. -4119 Dwarf High King Snorri Whitebeard is befriended by Malekith. Elves and Dwarfs drive the remaining forces of chaos back into the Chaos Wastes. Needs Citation
ca. -3419 In Nagarythe the Cult of Pleasure takes hold. It seeps across all of Ulthuan. Needs Citation
ca. -2839 Bel Shanaar journeys to Karaz-a-Karak to pledge eternal friendship between the Elves and Dwarfs. Malekith remains as ambassador. Needs Citation
ca. -2789 Malekith wanders the world in search for Magical Artefacts of Elder Times. Needs Citation
ca. -2775 In the ruined city of Vorshgar, Malekith finds the Circlet of Iron. Needs Citation
ca. -2774 On his return to Ulthuan, Malekith denounces his mother Morathi as a worshiper of Slaanesh. The whole Cult of Pleasure is revealed as a Cult of Slaanesh. Needs Citation
ca. -2749 Bel Shanaar is assassinated after the massacre at the Shrine of Asuryan. Malekith tries to walk into the Sacred Flame but is burned and horribly mutilated. Needs Citation
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