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In his day, Belannaer, "the wise", was the oldest living Loremaster of Hoeth and second in the hierarchy of the White Tower.


As a young prince in the days of Bel-Hathor, Belannaer vainly sought to find the entrance to the White Tower. Only when he despaired and turned back to find wisdom on his own did the Tower allow him passage. He studied there for a long time and became the favourite pupil of High Loremaster Cyeos.

Belannaer was one of the mages that shrouded the coasts of Ulthuan with a maze of spells and repaired the waystones damaged by Grom the Paunch. He also was a companion of Finubar on his journeys to the east, and the tutor of Teclis. When Teclis left the White Tower to search for his brother Tyrion, it was Belannaer who convinced Cyeos to give him the War Crown of Saphery.

He finally died in a magical duel against Mannfred von Carstein in 2524 IC, fighting alongside Eltharion the Grim to save Aliathra the Everchild and the thwart the vampire's plans to resurrect Nagash.[1]

Belannaer carried many magic items: the Cloak of Stars, the Blade of Bel-Korhadis, the Book of the Phoenix and the Staff of Cyeos.



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