Bite of Daagon

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The Bite of Daagon is a powerful magical artefact. [1a]


An ancient, grey, pitted and worn tooth, as wide as a man’s chest and as long as a man’s forearm and hand. It is flat and triangular in shape like a great sharks - a tooth of the mighty Megladon. Gold wire has been wound around it and runes etched onto its surfaces. [1a]


Jeremiah Tusk took it from a Arabyian corsair vessel off the port of Copher. He used it against a great monster that rose up against his ship and that of his friend Luka Silvaro and afterwards gave it to him to protect him against the magics of the Butcher Ship. [1a]

It served Luka well, when held up it put out the unatural fires the vessles cannons caused and allowed their own guns to hurt the Butcher Ship. [1b] Sesto Sciortini was later able to save his captain by plunging the tooth into the cursed master of the ship and left him pinned to the vessel by it when it sunk. [1c]


It can inspire fear in the greatest monsters of the sea who recall the bite of the Megladon. [1a] In addiiton it is able to protect against powerful magics such as that of the Butcher Ship. [1b]


The Bite is very old. But the other devils remember its like. It wards well against evil.

~ Jeremiah Tusk.[1a]


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